Suspension insulator

Suspension insulators consist of the following elements:

Similarly, the pins may be protected using an anti-corrosion zinc sleeve (sacrificial anode), when requested. This zinc sleeve is strongly recommended for insulators which are going to be used in lines with heavy pollution. Insulators for direct current lines are always supplied with this sleeve.

On clevis and tongue type insulators, the caps are equipped with a forged steelbolt and pin.

Rage of insulators


Verescence - La Granja Insulators

One dielectric made of toughened glass with the appropriate properties and shape for the environmental conditions in which it must function.

The cap and pin are assembled on the glass piece using aluminous cement with the appropriate properties to withstand the thermomechanical efforts.


Hot-dip galvanised nodular or ductile malleable cast iron cap.

Regular Pin

Hot-dip galvanized forged steel pin

Pin with zinc sleeve

Hot-dip galvanized forged steel pin

Split Pin

The insulator cap has a stainless steel or phosphor bronze locking
device (split pin) which secures the coupling of the units.


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