Becoming the benchmark brand in the global industry

Building on the shared success of our previous transformation plans, we strive for Excellence. Excellence for all of our employees who contribute to the success of the company, by constantly improving their working conditions and developing their talents. Excellence for our customers, by providing them with ever improving quality, service, competitiveness and innovation. Excellence for the Environment, by implementing our commitment to corporate social responsibility.


We all share the same passion for our expertise and our products. With our passion comes the pride of contributing to the success of our customers. Our passion unites us in the Verescence adventure. It gives us the desire and energy to build a brilliant future for our company.


To have the ambition for excellence is to spend each day striving to be better than the last. For our employees, excellence goes hand in hand with their involvement, as well as constantly improving working conditions and talent development. Our customers are our priority, and excellence translates to better customer service and increased value.


Our courage, determination, and creativity are all forces which consolidate our leadership, and allow us to boldly reinvent ourselves. Innovation drives the development of our company and our products. We strive to constantly amaze our customers.


Respect has always been a pillar of our corporate culture. Respect for one another, based on our rich cultural and geographical diversity, respect for gender equality, valuing the diversity and equal rights between men and women. Respect for the commitments we give to all company stakeholders, including our customers, employees and partners. Last but not least, respect for the environment, which we advocate with our ambitious CSR policy.


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