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Silicone-coated insulators (RTV)


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Silicone-coated insulators offer an excellent alternative which guarantees optimum performance for high voltage overhead lines in areas with heavy pollution.

They minimise leaking currents and thereby reduce operation and maintenance costs.

The product used to coat the insulators is Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) silicone which contains mineral fillers embedded in the silicone itself.

This silicone increases the hydrophobic nature of the insulator’s surface, thereby improving its performance in polluted areas. Furthermore, the fillers absorb the energy of any possible electric arcs and serve to protect the integrity of the coating.

Silicone-coated insulators are an economical solution because they eliminate the need to regularly clean glass insulators whilst still maintaining the mechanical reliability that glass suspension insulators have demonstrated over the years.

In short, silicone-coated insulators were created by bringing together suspension insulator technology and high performance silicone and, as a result, they offer mechanical reliability together with excellent performance against pollution.

This is a future solution which is present today in the world’s main transport and distribution networks.


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